I see myself as a sailor in the middle of a wooden boat, lost in the madness of a raging

I’m so afraid!

Moments of breakdown come to me Panic attacks strike me Suicidal thoughts, they’re causing to me In the mirror, I’m

Tired of Running

Running .. I keep on running. From childhood, I’m running. Before I come into existence, I’m running. And I’m tired


They say time heals But heals what? I wonder Does it erase bad memories? I ponder What about the traumas

Living With The Void and Hope

Going through identity and existential crisis Nothing new It is not my first time that it gets fucked up My

December 31st 2020 – New Season To Come

A year has gone by .. and a new year is beginning .. The year 2020 was a very difficult

December 31st 2020

It’s 2:26AM. I’m unable to sleep .. as always. Yesterday, December 30th, I found out that having relationships and caring

December 25th 2020 … 11:34PM

It’s Dec 26th, 12AM now! At 11:34PM I was sitting on the roof in the cold. I sit in the

Chaos … Noise …

Now it’s 1:15AM. I’m having an another episode or a “wave” – as I’d like to call it – of

Why Do You Seek Me? لماذا تبحث عني؟

اليوم 298 – لماذا تبحث عني؟ -?Why Do You Seek ME ————– لم أدوِّن ما يحدث معي منذ زمن طويل

اليوم 0 – أزمة هوية

منذ زمنٍ ليس ببعيد، رجعت أكتب من جديد وأبوح بأسرارٍ لم أظن يوماً أنني أستطيع أن أشاركها. وهذا جزء من