Day 138

History reminds us of Your faithfulness.
It reminds us of how You have strengthen us in the middle of our weaknesses.
It testifies of the truthfulness of Your promises.
History always tells the story …
The story of many in one, united, walking together.
The story of the ups and downs,
Especially the downs …
Reminding us of every single time You’ve split the sea,
And faced the death saying never.
See, yes death has no more power or authority,
But the enemy is still here, tryin’ to steal our sacred History.
But this is not just a history my friend, it’s His Story.

So here I am, today, once again …
Layin’ everything to You on the altar.
Here’s my heart, my Pearl, and my dreams.
Here is my pain, shame, and my fears.
You’ve called me to be a very vulnerable man,
Reminding of how vulnerable You have been.

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