Day 4, pt2

Weary and tired my heart gets,
But in Your waters, it shall be refreshed.
Human thoughts tell, the dream I must forget.
No not forget, but rather ignore,
That I shall seek it no more.
But No, It will bear fruits, I’m sure.
Help me to focus my eyes on You.
No other voices I shall hear but Yours.

Oh, how wicked this world is growing to be.
Oh, how can You bear what I see?
Or You see things differently?
If so, share what You see with me.
For the screams are all that I hear.
For the pain of the world is all I feel.

Let my heart be filled with the skies of thee.
Let it not be affected by what is happening around me.
Money is all what people seek, but I shall not.
Fame is what they’re searching for, but I shall not.
For I am a nobody who just lives for You.
And For others, I shall live not.

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