Day Eight

Day eight, It’s never too late.
For You and me to go on a date.
It doesn’t matter what time in the day,
You’re always there, will never forsake.
It doesn’t even matter where,
Once I call, You are there.

Cause who told me when things are coming?
Who brings the sun in the morning?
Who keeps my cup overflowing?
Who gives me love, so I’m growing?
Who gives me strength, keeps me glowing?
Who told me it’s a dream worth the running?
Who told me it’s a Pearl worth whatever is coming?

It’s a season of me dedicating
Everything on the altar, declaring
Holy Holy Holy.
Cause You are good and faithful.
For our walk together, I’m always grateful.
Truly Truly I tell ya,
Stand in awe and be amazed,

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