Day Eighteen

Day Number 18. I’m always being sincere,
Writing You these, by being free.
In the middle of the storm, I stand courageously,
Cause My Anchor is always here with me.
My Fortress, My Rock, calming the Sea.
My Salvation splitting the Sea for me
To cross the River of Jordan,
To the City of the Stars,
To the promise land where my Heart and Pearl are.

Anchorin’ my heart in the Seas of You,
A living sacrifice My Heart is to You,
You owe me nothing,
But You’re giving me Your all,
So I’m Givin’ You my all in return.
So Let there be Light,
Which darkness cannot Fight.
Thy will be done.
All darkness shall be gone.
So Let the truth rise,
Rise up high like the Sun.

Day 18, written by To Pia (Beacon of Light)
Photo is taken by Martina Fayez

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