Day Eleven, pt 2

Oh, I see it now, How I didn’t?
Only through Death, Life bursts.
So I shall die here, so that I can truly live.
But hold on for a moment, we need to define things.
What is Life and what is Death?
I know I shall pursue the Pearl,
But not for the sake of the Pearl itself.
I shall pursue the One who behind the Pearl stands.

On finding the Truth I shall seek,
To comprehend, To see,
At Your council we must meet.

Hope? How shall the message be a beacon of Hope in a world has lost it all!
A world has lost its senses, the music is broken, all is forsaken.
Truth? How shall we deliver it in a world full of lies, full of greys.
Old methods and techniques cannot work anymore.
The News is the same, but it’s a matter of the way.
Or it must be the same?
It’s time for the world to see not just news or words, but a reflection.
Nah, not even a reflection, but the Son must be revealed.
I’m sorry Pearl, but I can’t feel the music, so the writing is out of any rhyme scheme..

But today I have witnessed.
I have seen One family standing together.
The change is here, it is near.
For Life will burst, Beauty will come out of ashes.

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