Day Eleven

Day Eleven. It’s pretty early here,
Is it so in Heaven?
Or is it really out of time?
Sorry again, but this is another writing out of any rhythm.

I started to wonder the reason why I write.
Is it because I want my writings to remind me?
Or is it just another way I express my fantasy?
You see I always run towards the impossible things,
‘Cause I believe that everything is possible here,
In this very kingdom of Men.

But why do I still write?
Maybe to get to know my senses.
Everything that happens around me,
Encourages me to walk in silence.
But the world is so tired of us being in silence.
It’s time for the Truth to break that sound of Silence.
And the neon god they made, must fall, a roaring fall, not in silence.

Maybe I’m just writing to remember the History,
To remember the times of the mystery,
No, not a mystery, but rather the Story!
When I sold everything for a Pearl,
A Pearl makes me full of Ecstasy.
A Heavenly Ecstasy.
Cause that Pearl is Heaven itself.
It is the kingdom that is Here but still is yet to come.
Or did it come already?

You see, My writings are full of riddles that no one can get.
Like a maze, one gets in without knowing how to get out,
Or even what is the point of this.
But only You, my Pearl, can see beyond the surface.
In these writings You shall find it painted, Your Smile, Your Face, Your Presence.

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