Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen, Faithful You are to me.
A dreamer, You’re callin’ me to be.
I hear You telling me, Dream!
Dream so that they know I still speak.

Every morning I open my eyes,
Searching to see a new glimpse of You.
Listening closely, trying hard to hear,
Something deep.

But Oh! I behold You.
Oh! The great I AM is here.
I see You, filling my eyes of You.
I hear You. Your roots are getting deeper in me.

My hands are searching and longing,
For a hug of a father, for the presence of a family.
But Oh! I felt Your hand touching.
I felt Your arms all around me.
Oh, This sweet Love of You is so overwhelming.
Oh Your dreams and thoughts, they’re so Heavenly.

In Your hands, now I know the reason why.
Everytime I fall, I hear You, “My Son, Rise.”
I stand on the Altar of today, putting all what I have.
My everything is for You, Burning my heart and the Pearl.
You are worthy of it all.

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