Day Five

Day Five, You are the source of Life.
And as I always pray, Let there be Light.
For darkness in this earth sadly arise,
And most of your sons forget they’re the sons of Light,
Me included, forgetting the inheritance and the right
To be always in peace, in You, in Light
To shine a light, to speak of the Truth in the Time
Of Lies being embraced, Saying everything is fine.
But everything is not in the hearts of me, nothing is fine!
You see, they think the problem is in the head, but nay,
The problem is in the heart, being enslaved every night and every day,
For they fear the Light, they fear walking in day, they love the night,
So that they can lie and hide, and not being seen by the Light,
Fearing that the Light would cost them everything,
And their fear is right, But losing everything will give you Life,
Freedom as never being experienced before, being alive,
Being a true Human, in the image of the King, for Thine,
The source of life and joy, the origin not a fake copy of it,
Step forward you son of man, it is not the end,
It is just the beginning of a new life!
Like the seed when it dies, it bursts out with Life!
Don’t you long for it, to feel alive?
Seek and don’t be dismayed, for you shall find!

And You, son of Light, you think that You’re alone in the wilderness?
Did you forget Joseph? When He was sold and thought to be alone?
Didn’t you see that El Shadai was in front of Him and with Him in the mess?
He can make beauty out of the ashes, out of the mess, whole full of gold.

I was dismayed too today by a dream of letting go of a Pearl,
But I have seen the Beauty He’s making out of the journey I’m walking with Him.
In the waiting and making my heart whole for the One true king.
Training it to long for one, and no other I seek.
For the story is all about Him, it’s about He and Me.
O my soul, do not be dismayed, don’t dare to fear.
For His hand will not slip, but He will always hold me.

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