Day Nine

Day Nine, Everything is not fine!
Nothing is fine with this world.
For all I hear are screams at night.
All I see are broken-hearted cries.
They tell me not to look through my eyes,
But look through the heavenly eyes.
But I say enough ignoring the world,
Enough lies!

It’s time for the peacemakers to rise.
It’s time for us to call for the Light
It’s time for the rainbow and for the sunshine.
It’s time to do our job and bring Heaven.

Breaking hell gates is what
We are supposed to do for a living.
The world is aching and that is breaking,
The rhyme, The rhythm, The Music.

He said whatever we tie here on Earth
Shall be tied up in Heaven.
He didn’t say to not focus on what is going on,
Cause Earth is what needs Our fixin’.

You’re the anchor in the middle of the storm.
The tides roar proclaiming the need for Peace here on earth.
The skies cry proclaiming the need for the Sons to be declared.
The animals mourn, waiting for Peace and Good Will to men.
The veil is Torn, the door is open, but we always forget.
Or maybe we don’t believe anymore? The veil is Torn?

A song of Hope rises from the North.
A song of praise rises from the East.
A cry for war rises from the midst.
A song of worship rises from the South.
A song of peace rises from the West.
A song full of Him rises from all of us.

Day nine, maybe everything is not fine.
But the Sun shall rise, and begone Night.
But the Sun waits for our rise.
O Sleepers, awake and rise!
O Sleepers, It is time.
O Sleepers …
Those who have ears shall hear.
Those who have eyes shall see.

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