Day Nineteen

Day Nineteen. From where shall I begin?
Maybe I shall start by thanking thee,
For setting me Free, and to let me Be
I AM that I AM, You are making me
Able to say these about me.
Standing on Your Altar – Recieve –
Receive all of me, I am offering all of it to thee.

On Mount Sinai, I’m standing.
If I have found favor in Your eyes I’m asking,
To look to in the eye, I’m hoping.
One day at Your place is better than a thousand.

* I’m gonna knock, and keep on knocking,
Until You open up the door
And I’m gonna seek, and keep on seeking,
Until my face is on the floor.
And I’m gonna ask, and keep on asking,
Until I see You face to face.
For the Harvest to come in,
And they take their rightful place.
For Your presence to come down,
And Your glory fills the place.

Written by To Pia
This wonderful picture is taken by Emad Ashraf
* The middle verses are quoted from “Summit Sounds”.

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