Day One

Day One, thy will be done.
For whatever your will is, it becomes.
Just as what happened in Genesis one.
When you willed the Light, and it has become.

Let your spirit hover over this place.
This castle of my heart, fill it with grace.
For there are dark rooms still within.
Let Your Light shine out, and shine in.

On the altar, I’ve put my all.
O, help me Gardener, My all of all,
To be like a sunflower always looking at You,
To always have hope and pearl my dew.

I am putting the pearls of my own
Here on the altar, a living sacrifice.
It shall burn from dusk to dawn.
My heart burns, a living sacrifice.
My hopes burn, a living sacrifice.
My dreams burn, a living sacrifice.
Can you smell the aroma in the air?

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