Day Seven

Day 7, It’s the glorious day of Exodus.
Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.
For I shall only live by what I’m seeing,
Not Earthly things, but Heavenly Firey Eyes seeing.

On His Mountain, His Banner rises,
For YHWH-Nissi is His name.
From Sunsets to Sunrises,
Hallowed be Your name.

On My Mountain, I called the name of thee.
A kingdom of priests, A Holy Nation you shall be.
Listen carefully to what I say.
And only do what I may.
Only eat the Manna of the day.
Don’t worry about tomorrow’s,
And forget about those of yesterday.

A song of Hope I shall pray.
I hope Your dreams come to be.
I hope we see and call into existence,
The things that is in Heaven. You see?
A Dreamer that is your name!
Crazy, they’re going to tell you and me.
They’re blind and don’t see,
The Big Story we see and believe.
For They didn’t believe Him.
They didn’t believe what He has come to say.
Heaven is yours to make it come here.
Heaven is ours, A Family, Family of YHWH we shall be.
Oh, Pearl, Do you see?
Unique and perfect in Him you are called to be.
You always saw perfectionism as a flaw, But dear,
You and your imperfections shall be perfect in He.
Don’t ever forget This, Dreamer and Defender of the people of He.
All People actually are people of He.

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