Day Seventeen

It’s the day number Seventeen.
The tide rises, the tide falls,
It’s almost twilight, and the storm roars.
My heart on Your altar, I can see it aches.
“I need to be Obedient,” I am telling me.

Standing in the Light, hearing darkness calls,
“Escape! Run! There is no reason for the pain!”
And the words say “Enough Lies!”
And the tide rises, the tide falls.
Standing on the shore, lookin’ up to the skies.

Gazing upon the sun,
Hearing it callin’ my name.
But why I feel pain, why my heart aches?
It hurts, but Obedient I shall be.
And the tide rises, the tide falls.
Still, I hear the sun calls.
To follow. To go into the unknown.
To let the tide rise, and to let it fall.

Obedient You are calling me to be.
To trust in You, the great I AM.
You never change, always faithful.
Your name is majesty!
And the tide rises, the tide falls.
And the wind comes, it blows.
The wind leads me Your way,
Into the unknown, in Your Seas.

Standing on Your altar,
Burning everything I have.
For I am not my own.
I will follow you forever after
You are giving me favor.
I will follow the call.
Gazing upon the sun,
Burning the Pearl, Burning my heart.
The tide no longer rises, no longer falls,
For the Sea is now calm, in the presence of You.

Day 17, written by To Pia
The photo is taken by a friend.

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