Day Six

Day Six, Nothing is broken can be fixed,
But broken things can be transformed.
For ashes can turn into new Beauty,
But ashes can’t be what it was once before.

Did you hear the word metamorphosis?
If you didn’t, just go and google it.
Those who die shall find life.
Blessed are those who are alive.
Cursed are those who are living a lie.
They think they’re alive, but like zombies they lie.

There are days I fall and others I rise,
But all the glory is His not mine,
For He is the Lion who roars at every single lie.

What would you do if He told You to follow?
He is the only one who can make your heart Hallow.
Would you look and get closer to the burning bush?

Let my tears be like Pearls in Your hand.
For You are all the family and friends I have.
It doesn’t matter where is the place I am.
You are always here, the great I AM.
Let me know myself, and be who I AM.
For I AM that I AM in You, Great I AM,
I shall be one and whole in Oneness.
We shall be one and whole in the I AMness.
Let all figure out their uniqueness.
Being different is a strength, not a weakness.
Being real and vulnerable is better than fakeness.
You are a Pearl, full of His goodness.
You are so faithful, O You Gracious Tempest.

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