Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen, What a wonderful father you’re gonna be!
Hearing that from You made me full of Your ecstasy.
Like a sailboat, let Your wind lead the way.
Like an eagle, teach me to stare at the Light.
Teach me how to truly gaze with Dove’s eyes.

You are my Rock, my Fortress.
For You are my Light and my Salvation,
I will fear no one.
Even if a whole army surrounded me,
in the middle of persecution,
I shall not fear,
For the army of one is abiding with me.

Standing at the top of Mount Zion.
You’re tellin’ me, “Son, You’re my own.”
Pouring my heart for You, O Lord.
For it shall be burning all day long.
A Living sacrifice for You.
Burning my heart with Red Roses.
Purify the soul with metamorphoses.

You make order out of Chaos.
So help me to make order out of the voices.
Burning Your Pearl on the altar.
Following You till the end, dwelling in Your Gnosis.
Teach me how to walk in Kenosis.
Leaving all human wisdom and knowledge aside.
Trusting You, who will always abide by my side.

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