Day Ten

Day ten, Out of words I have become.
Ten days of Dedication, standing on the Altar.
Giving my heart, a burning offering forever after.
Parts of it turn into ashes, then Beauty bursts after.

On this very day, I run.
I run to You as there’s no more shelters to me but You.
Feelings are mixed up.
Thoughts are starting to be a mess.
But still,
I see you Standing in the Holy of Holies,
Burning my Heart, a rising aroma, calls for Glory.

Out of words, I am today,
But full of silence I pray,
With broken rhyme I pray,
With tears flooding from my eyes,
Meeting the Living Waters of Yours,
Touching them I see You, turning all to wine.
I hear Your voice, Fear not,
Standing in the council of elohim 2the word with lowercase letter e means “gods” but with capitalized letter E, it means God. ,
Declaring the I AM, the true Elohim*.
Calling out, Let there be Light.

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