Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen, I have met death in a dream.
A few seconds later I was in the presence of Elohim.
Lightning stroke everything, “I AM” was written here.
I have met Malakh YHWH, and He reminded me,
Of all the promises and all the dreams.

He told me, Son We have already defeated death.
You have me inside of yourself, my soul and my breath.
Can you hear the Lightning? For it speaks.
Can you hear the rain? For it will always confess.
All nature every day lift praise.

But wait a minute you Malakh!
Why did you do what you have done?
What is Man?
Do you remember when I told the man,
To give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser,
And to give to YHWH what belongs to YHWH,
I have waited for Him to ask me the right question,
“What belongs to YHWH?” I have waited for him to ask.
You see, the image of Ceaser was on his own belonging.
So, YHWH’s image is on who?

Ask and you shall find,
But ask the right questions for me to answer.
Who is the man for I shall remember?
You know the answer.

I also thought that I shall not stand on the altar anymore.
But the Word came to me through a friend, hey, you’re not standing alone.
I thought that I should not stand for the Pearl,
As the sound of lies attacked me, to give in.
But the Word came to proclaim the Truth,
Light Shone. Light is Life.

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