Day Three

Day three, Holy is thee.
For you make me a tree,
Full of fruits of thee,
Dwelling in thy living waters.
Shadow shall be,
to those who sit beneath.

Oh, my pearled dew can you see?
Pearling and Reflecting His Light,
That shineth from Mount of Zion.
Oh, my soul, can you get what he means,
By sitting here with Him near and tight?
Hearing the loud roar of the Lion.

Here on the top of the mountain,
The sky is opened, angels come and go,
For the whole earth cannot contain,
All that in store in this season full of You.

Early in the morning, I come to thee
Burning my heart for you.
Here on thy altar lifting praises,
Day and Night, pouring graces.
Night and Day You stay gracious.

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