Day Twelve

Day Twelve, You fill my heart’s valves.
I still fall, but I always hold to Your hand and rise.
My heart needs Your touch, needs Your Salve.
In the morning I seek You, and Your advice.

I am not vulnerable until the end, in your presence.
You ask me to go out of my comfort zone,
To put all of my trust in You.
But the pain, How shall I ignore?
And what You’ve asked, makes me feel insecure.
But I shouldn’t! I should not feel that in that family of Yours.
But I do not want to be a load, don’t want also to feel heavy.
But ignoring what You have asked, makes me wavy,
Full of storms, and Your fire may go out.

So … At Your altar, I stand.
Besides the Pearl that I have laid in Your hand,
I put my thoughts and worries at Your feet.
And here I am,
A nothing, You have made out of it a great something.
A something You have called “SON.”
I will no more be on the run.
I will face it all with You.
So, here I am, tell me what to do.
I will follow wherever You need me to go.

Let me not run behind Your dreams or mine.
But let me run for You.
You are who I seek.

Oh, Music, I can hear!
I can hear the thunder,
And that makes me wonder,
What to do and where to go?
Ahaa, To go in You and rest.
For We are living on the day of the rest.
It is a Sabbath.

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