Day Twenty

Day twenty … I’ll be writing for You for eternity.
Cause You are worthy of every writing.
Worthy of Every single minute I’m dedicating.
Gazing at You, I can feel to belong. I have a family.
Cause You’re my all, and my all is Yours alone.
When I’m on the Altar, standing with You, I feel Home.

You’re making me a burning bush that talks,
Testifies about how good You are my Lord.
Every unbeliever comes near and looks
To the Beauty out of Ashes has become
By Your touch.

Maybe it’s Autumn now, for everything is changing.
But the season is just for a while now, it will come to an ending.
For the night never lasts, the sun must come up rising, Shining
Upon all dark lands, and the birds will sing praising.

So hold on now to the Light before the Night comes.
For there will be a final Night before the Lights lasts.
The day is coming it’s here. The Light shall prevail.
The Light to the Darkness will defeat.
Since the beginning of time and till the end of eternity,
The song of Him is rising spreading from the East to the West,
From the North to the South. All will cry Holy to the name.
I’m not searching for Fame. Just a nobody following the Name.
In the promise land where my heart is and my Pearl, we shall meet.
Longing to home, where You are, My sweet Sweet.

“Day Twenty” writing by¬†To Pia
The photo is taken by a super talented friend.

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