Day Two

Day Two, on the mountain you will choose,
I will give my suffering there for you,
Just as Abraham did in Genesis twenty-two,
Putting the dream and the promise on the altar.

In the morning, You, I shall always pursue,
Trusting in what You can provide and do,
For You are my ʾĒl ʿElyōn, and You and only You
Shall provide the sacrifice, for You are Jirah.

Even if the dream is a pearl for me,
You are worthy of all, You full of majesty.
I am a merchant searching for fine pearls,
And I have found one worth selling all that I have,
Still, I will do what You are asking of me,
Laying my all to You with modesty
Can you smell the aroma, My Excellency?

I hear Your voice asking me,
What would you do my friend
if I told you to follow me?
Would you lay everything
On the altar for me?

Oh, Listen to me son you crowned king
This is just a start, it is not the end
For you shall always live in a tent
Cause you shall go here and there
Until our journey here would end.

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