Day Zero

Today is the final day of writing.
As all day I’ve been hearing
“Go to Altar and give everythin’ in”
“Put it all in the Fire, your-self too”
“And get ready, for out of the wilderness I AM leadin’ thee.”

All I can see is fire.
While I was askin’ Him whether to let go and give in,
He told me to go to the Fire and put it all in.
Just like what Abraham did, givin’ his dream in.
But the difference is we all know how it went in the end,
And I’m called to go into the unknown.
To You I give all what I hold on.
Dreams and hopes are all Yours.
A total surrender I give to You.
A redeemin’ love is all what I can give,
For You’ve redeemed me first by Yours.

Enterin’ a new season and
Becomin’ more vulnerable.
In our secret place,
Will You meet me here again?

In the Altar …

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