December 31st 2020 – New Season To Come

aj povey at Pexels

A year has gone by .. and a new year is beginning .. The year 2020 was a very difficult season. 2020 has taught me that Life is so unpredictable and uncertain. 2020 also taught me that sometimes nothing goes as planned.. 2020 tested my core beliefs and my worldview.. all the grounds that I stood upon got shaken.

I’m entering 2021 with nothing. Literally nothing. I’m entering 2021 without all what I’ve ever known, without any history or knowledge, without a worldview, for everything got wasted in a way. Everything has turned into ashe. However, I believe ashes can turn into beauty.

I still have depression. Sometimes I feel that everything is so meaningless. Sometimes I’m unable to wake up. Sometimes I face different kinds of crisis.. existential and financial and emotional and all kinds of crisis. Now I feel like being agnostic. Life is just messy. But I will not let the chaotic and messy life to make my life time be wasted! I’m here on Earth to make difference and a difference I will make! Life is more than we see or think.

There is more!

I dream to have a family. I dream to create and make innovative projects to help those who are in need.

There is more! And more is there to come!

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