I’m so afraid!

Pixabay at Pexels
Moments of breakdown come to me
Panic attacks strike me
Suicidal thoughts, they're causing to me
In the mirror, I'm unable to look at me
I fear me.

I fear my past
I fear my unknown future
I fear the present
I fear me.

I'm afraid to give up at last
To run away from the pain I feel at night
To run away from the tears of my eyes
To escape my inner thoughts and beliefs
The half-truths half-lies that live in me
I fear me.

I'm afraid to seek help
Because I don't know what is wrong with me
All I know is what I feel
I feel I've lost the way
All what I feel is pain
And these lies or maybe truths
I don't know the difference anymore
They're telling me that my future is sealed
And I can't change anything
I can't get out of the circle
For my path is just a bunch of circles
I fear me. And me, fears I.

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