Living With The Void and Hope

Sami Anas at Pexels
 Going through identity and existential crisis
 Nothing new
 It is not my first time that it gets fucked up
 My worldview
 The rhythm of my writing is half broken
 As my soul
 Trying to go through this journey of life
 With a hole In my heart and mind
 Sometimes everything seems meaningless
 In my eyes
 Sometimes I just think about ending it
 My life
 But life .. has more in it
 More to come, more to find
 Even when it feels like a dead end
 And even when he is blind
 There is more to life
 More to give rather to give up
 Less to hate, and more to Love
 More to do and change
 Rather to just blame
 But it still gets bigger and bigger
 It starts to eat my hopes and dreams
 I'm still talking about my void that I'm unable to avoid
 But it will not be forever
 For yes as I have said before
 Nothing is fine with this world
 For all I hear are screams at night
 And I can't ignore what they see
 My eyes
 I can't ignore what it feels
 My heart
 Nothing is broken can be fixed,
 But broken things can be transformed.
 For ashes can turn into new Beauty,
 But ashes can’t be what it was once.
 But still, I don't believe, not anymore.
 But still, I have hope.
 Hope, you are the only thing that makes me seek more.
 Hope, you are making me feel alive, even with this void, this hole.

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